4x4 Recovery Rope 24mm (KERR Vehicle Recovery)
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4x4 Recovery Rope 24mm (KERR Vehicle Recovery)

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24mm 8 Strand Nylon Kinetic Energy Recovery Rope (KERR) allows for fast and effective recovery of off road vehicles. The KERR comes complete with a 200mm (8”) hand spliced and sleeve protected soft eye. The nylon used to make this recovery rope stores energy as the towing vehicle accelerates to a maximum speed of 16mph (26kph). The vehicle will then slow or stop which transfers the kinetic energy into the now stretched KERR. At this point the energy stored in the KERR should pull the stuck vehicle clear. If the vehicle is not freed this process can be repeated until it is free. This KERR has a breaking load of 12,000 Kilograms. THIS ROPE IS DESIGNED FOR RECOVERY AND SHOULD NOT BE USED FOR TOWING.