Boat Mooring Strop, 24mm 8-Strand Nylon
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Boat Mooring Strop, 24mm 8-Strand Nylon

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A premium quality hand spliced mooring rope made from 24mm diameter 8-Strand nylon complete with a spliced in hard eye formed with a heavy duty hot dipped galvanised thimble on one end and a 250mm spliced in soft eye with webbing wear sleeve on the other end of the rope. All rope ends are whipped to prevent the rope from splaying apart. Standard stock strops are listed but we can manufacture customised MOORING STROPS MOORING LINES and MOORING ROPES in our workshop to customer specifications if required. Please note that break strengths provided are as a guide only. A permanent boat mooring must remain safe and secure for long periods while unattended often under adverse conditions. For peace of mind your mooring should be the correct size for your boat and determining the size has a lot to do with the tide and conditions where the boat is moored the expected wave heights and whether your mooring is a temporary one designed for overnight use in fair weather or a permanent mooring capable of riding out a storm. Please read our guide to moorings or give us a call to discuss your requirements.