Stainless Steel Wire Rope Grips
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Stainless Steel Wire Rope Grips

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Highly polished and corrosion resistant these ss wire rope grips are manufactured from high quality A4-AISI 316 Stainless Steel. DIN 741 Wire Rope Stainless steel wire clips sometimes referred to as ss bulldog grips. This is a simple and quick way to form eyes in wire rope. Available in a selection of sizes to suit the wire rope being used. There is no minimum order quantity and you can order the amount needed for the job. We recommend a minimum of 3 clips per wire termination or loop. This style of wire rope grip is suitable for use with 7x7 stainless steel wire rope and 7x19 stainless steel wire rope. This wire rope grip is not recommended for use with 1x19 stainless steel wire rope. The approximate break load is 85% of the wires breaking load. This method of termination is perfect for hanging signs, making up catenary wires, gardening wires, fencing wires and hundreds of other wire projects. Larger sizes are available on request. Not to be used for lifting.